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FOOD GRADE SAWDUST SHAVINGS No Petroleum Products Used To Make This

Incredible for plants, veggies and mushrooms. Super pet safe and makes a great Mulch or bedding for all animals Regularly $38 ***On Sale $25 yard Scooped*** or $99  for a 27 cubic foot bag.​​

Organic NON-Colored Pet Safe! Larger Chips $25 per yard

***Spring SALE $18.50***

$99 Mulch in a bag!  Black ***SUPER PREMIUM*** or Natural

FREE local delivery!  Buy 10 get 1 FREE

27 Cubic Foot Bag

BULK ***SUPER PREMIUM***  Dyed Black Mulch $38 Spring sale $28 per yard





  DyedBrownMulch $38 Spring Sale $28 per yard​

Wholesale pricing direct to the consumer!

$28 per yard on SPRING SALE!!!     S A V E  26% OFF REGULAR PRICES

We are totally killing it with the mulch.  To continue being #1 We are extending the make-it-rain sale to every day of the week I have a personal goal of 2,000 yards in sales that I need to meet. Normally our mulch is $38 a yard for the month of
***2021 Spring Sale 
$28 per yard*** plus delivery get it while it's on the Crazy Deez sale!  Call/Text 845.745.2338 Ask for Big Dee p.s. this all started to keep ourselves busy during the rain days when we cannot produce the best firewood around.  And it became its own animal.  Please consider us for your next firewood purchase.  If you're not familiar with our company do yourself a favor, go to Google and see the hundreds of five star reviews under