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🌲 Premium Seasoned Hardwoods - No Pine, No Softwoods 🌲
**Wholesale Prices as low as $4.99 per oversized .80 cubic foot mesh bag!**
βœ… Clean, Dry, Mold-Free - NYS HEAP Approved Vendor!

πŸš› **Bulk Pallet Pricing (FOB Poughkeepsie, NY or Delivery Available):**
- **Cash & Carry Pallets:** 
  - 1,000 pcs
$4.99 each
  - 500 Bundle Purchase: $5.49 each
  - 400 bundles $5.99
  - 300 Bundle Purchase: $6.49 each
  - 200 bundles $6.99

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- Almost 20 years of experience
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By Appointment Only

​​The MAPLE LEAF BUNDLE Smokeless Bundle

Kiln-Dried Food Grade MAPLE strips up to 35 lbs Per 1 Cubic foot bundle.  Pure Maple with under 5% moisture!  

In an effort to achieve pure perfection and separate ourselves even more so from the typical Neanderthal firewood seller we have created a product like no other. We advertise less than 5% moisture but in reality 99% of the time it'll be 0% moisture Yes you heard that right! this is what happens when you combine kiln-dried Food grade maple without any bark! This product is so clean, it's almost a shame to burn.  Use it as #campwood #tinder #food #smoker or #pizzafuel #pizzaoven

$45 Per bundle or Buy 3 for
$100 SALE (save $35)