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​Deez Tinder Bag  $25 Per or ***On SALE 5 for $100***
ALL HARDWOODS! We can deliver it free with your firewood delivery! Bag size is 20"x 30"

Simply said, tinder is what is used to start a fire. It is the first step when building a good wood burning fire. Tinder is an easily combustible material that’s primary purpose is to ignite kindling. It consists of small shavings or shreds of material that will burn hot quickly.

The Jenga Kindle Bag

Kiln-Dried Furniture Grade Kindling 50 to 75 lbs Per Bag.  Family Fun play Jenga or start your fire! The best of both Worlds!

$45 Per Bag or Buy 3 for $100 SALE (save $35)

Kindling is also used to start a fire, but it is larger than tinder. It’s main job is to burn wood logs and keep the fire going after it is started. Don’t waste your time starting a fire with tinder and only to watch it to go out by not using kindling.

Lighters $2ea

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