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*We Are Approved To Accept H.E.A.P As Payment (Home Energy Assistance Program From New York State*



The largest type FIREWOOD business in America.  We are the purveyors of USDA Kiln-Dried, Solar-Kiln Dried and Seasoned Firewood in Dutchess, Ulster, Westchester, Putnam and Orange Counties in NY.  We also Service Fairfield County CT! We are considered an essential fuel business and will be open during the Corona virus! We have procedures in place to make your delivery social distance friendly. We take credit cards, Venmo, Etc. so there is no need for human contact. You can leave a garbage can where you would like the wood placed and there's no need to even see us in person you could peek out your window.


  • Did your firewood guy pass a consumer  Affairs weights and measures inspection?  

***We did, see the report on the main page of our website***

  • Does your firewood guy have over 200 plus 5 STAR REVIEWS ON GOOGLE?

***We Do!***

  • Does your firewood guy have a brick and mortar location if there's a problem?

***We do!*** 

  • Does your firewood guy let you come and look at the quality of the logs to make sure its not insect infested rotten tree service wood?

*** We welcome customers to tour our facility, we LOVE showing off our wood ;)***

  • Does your firewood guy use a chainsaw to pump GALLONS of Cancer Causing Oil into your firewood?

***We DO NOT use chainsaws we own the worlds best processor that cuts consistent 16" pieces using a carbide circular saw NO CANCER CAUSING WASTE OIL NEEDED***

  • Does your firewood guy have any state approvals or licenses?

***We do! We are NYS LICENSED VENDORS & H.E.A.P. approved***

  • Does your firewood guy accept Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards?

***We do***

  • Is your firewood guy the largest in Dutchess county and possibly the state?

***We are***

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