Hard Wood Premium Mix (KILN DRIED)

1/2  Cord Bag$499 Very Limited Supply64 cubic foot (In Stock)<-- 1 Bag left

1/3Cord Bag$399  Very Limited Supply (aka Face Cord) 43 cubic foot IN STOCK

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1/3 Cord Bag $449  INSTOCK (aka Face Cord)Very Limited Supply43 Cubic Feet 

1/2  Cord Bag$599 (Three week waiting list w/ Paid Order) Very Limited Supply64 cubic Feet

What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

Our Kiln Dried Wood is dried in a kiln using metal baskets.   It has a moisture content of less than 20%, which is unheard of in regular air drying firewood. The air is controlled and able to circulate around the wood for maximum drying. As you can see, this takes special equipment and can be expensive. It also takes energy to remove the moisture from the wood, an estimated 1200 BTU per pound. This creates the perfect wood for burning and getting the maximum heat. Most people think that all wood burns the same, if you ever tried to burn "green" wood you will see that it is actually hard to burn that is because of the moisture content. A regular face cord of green wood weighs in at about 1,500 lbs. after drying in our kiln that same face cord weighs about 500 lbs less. The reason is because most of the moisture is removed by our kiln; even if the cord of wood was properly seasoned our kiln would still remove about 50% more moisture. This process provides you with the best and highest BTU firewood available on the planet for your fireplace, stove or restaurant oven. 

Take a look at the reasons below to see why our kiln dried firewood is the best in NY!

  • Lights Instantly

  • Bug & Disease free

  • Emerald Ash Bore Free

  • Less Smoke 

  • Less Creosote 

  • Burns 45% hotter

  • Can Be Transported In All NY Counties

  • Safe For Your Chimney

  • Guaranteed To Burn
  • Cut To 16"
  • MIX Of Hearty Hardwoods Cherry, Ash, Hickory, Oak, Birch, Locust, and Maples
  • No Cancer Causing Waste Oil Pumped Into The Wood Like The CHAINSAW Guys!

We do have business restaurant accounts for food grade Kiln dried firewood.  Give us a call 845.320.CORD


Pure Cherry (Creme-De-La-Creme KILN DRIED)

1/2  Cord Bag$725 INSTOCK Very Limited Supply64 cubic Feet(In Stock)

Very Limited Edition FIREPLACE


 USDA Certified

6% TO 20%Moisture Or Less