1 Million FireAgra pills have LANDED! We will be offering wholesale pricing to other firewood producers. Our goal is to be about 35% to 60% CHEAPER than other fire starters out there which means that you're going to be able to make 200% to 400% markup. Call/Text 845.745.2338 Ask for Big Dee 

Pricing is plus shipping

144 pcs = 45 cents each that's 12 dozen pills

288 pcs = 40 cents each that's 24 dozen pills

576 pcs = 35 cents each that's 48 dozen pills

1152 pcs = 30 cents each that's 96 dozen pills

***2304 pcs = BEST DEAL 25 centseach that's 192 dozen pills***

****We can custom make packaging with your company logo/information for an extra fee****

Each pill burns clean for approximately 9 minutes and at 1000 degrees plus You can submerging in water Shake It Off and light it up and it'll burn no problem. We can can custom lazer glass jars and or can also sell you the pill bottles as well. Can you give a customer a bottle of pills they will never forget you it's an incredible Conversation Piece for a business card you could either give them out for free to your customers or you can sell it as product or a little bit of both either way it will definitely help your business grow.   

Below is our retail pricing


We sell and use tens of thousands of Firewood Bags Every Season this year we want to sell hundreds of thousands with your help!  We are offering other Firewood Producers wholesale pricing:

Buy 5 Pallets Get 1 Free

Shipping not included


Firewood Bags

Welcome to HotAssWood.com WholeSALE!

FireAgra Pills

Plate Steel FirePits


Just when you thought it could not get any better we IMPROVED the old outdated design!

Now we have a BETTER quality American Steel! 50 lbs of 3/16 or thicker solid metal!  No welding needed to assemble!  Folds Almost flat for shipping and can easily support 300 plus pounds

WE SELL THESE RETAIL FOR $349 each or $299 on sale!

12 UNITS @ $209

24 UNITS @ $199

36 UNITS @ $179

48 UNITS @$159

60 UNITS @$149 


Shipping not included

Cedar Log Furniture

We have sold hundreds of these chainsaws with great feedback now we are looking to up the anti and sell thousands with your help! 

We will be offering other firewood producers :

 Buy 6 Powerheads  Get Free Shipping

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico!

Not only do we burn these blocks in house but we also use them for our own business and let me tell you in over 28 years in business these are the best cards ever!!!  Customers see the workmanship and the connection to the wood business Now with wholesale pricing!

Offer valid only with other wholesale purchase!

12 pcs $20

24 pcs $35

36 pcs $45

53 Pcs $60

Shipping not included

Our White Cedar LIFETIME log furniture is a ture work of art, with  curved seating to match your contour.  Not only do we sell these, we also use these at home!  We LOVE THEM!

Now offered at wholesale pricing to other firewood producers!

Buy any 5 Pcs Get 1 Free

​Shipping Not included

Lazer Burned Wood Business Cards 


This portion of our business is dedicated to other "FireWood Professionals" and thus has SPECIAL VOLUME PRICING

with the intent of leaving enough margins for you to resell our PROVEN MONEY MAKING PRODUCTS!

FireAgra  or  Chainsaws  or  Fire Wood Bags or Laser Burned Wood Business Cards or Log Furniture or Steel Plate Firepits


We Can Custom Brand Our Products with Your Logo and Info for an additional fee!