The Only Tree Service Company That Will Purchase Your Wood! Call today to see how much your trees are worth. Call 845-745-2338.  While most claim to be "Surgeons", "Arborist" or "Experts" with high fees to match those fancy titles. We are the ORIGINAL Tree Butchers with the lowest RATES in the county.  Our Goal is simple we need to feed our Firewood Machine.  That means we need your wood!

 We have every piece of heavy equipment to make your trees into our firewood!

We are taking reservations for SPRING CLEAN UP. We have giant leaf blowers and MAN POWER (up to 7 strong guys) to get your house all ready for winter. We can remove any trees, branches, brush. We have the world's most powerful leaf blower mounted to our 50 hp diesel tractor as well as back pack and push blowers call 845.745.2338 we are filling our schedule quickly