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HotAssDrones.com Price Menu:   SALE  $50 Off TOTAL when you Buy Photo & Video Package together.

1. Photo Package: 
   - 12 Pictures (Unedited): $150
   - 24 Pictures (Unedited): $250
   - 48 Pictures (Unedited): $399

30 Minutes of travel time included additional travel time at $100 per hour!  One location shoot.

2. Video Package:
   - Standard Package: Includes up to  5 minutes of Unedited aerial footage.  $199

​30 Minutes of travel time included additional travel time at $100 per hour! One location shoot.

3. Special Events:
   - Wedding Package: Capture your special day from a unique perspective. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.

4. Real Estate Package:
   - Basic Package: Includes aerial photos and 60 seconds of video of the property. $199 For 1 property address or purchase our REALTOR package, Prepay & SAVE 12 houses  for $1800 That's a savings of almost 600 off. No Expiration Time!
5. Custom Packages:
   - We understand that every project is unique. If you have specific requirements or need a customized package tailored to your needs, please reach out to us for a personalized quote.

Note: All prices mentioned are subject to change and may vary depending on the complexity and duration of the project. Additional services such as editing, advanced post-production, location scouting, and travel expenses may incur additional charges.

For detailed pricing information or to discuss your specific project needs, please feel free to contact us at 845.320.CORD (2673). We are here to provide you with exceptional aerial photography and videography services at competitive prices.

Welcome to HotAssDrones.com!

Hey there, friends! We are thrilled to introduce you to HotAssDrones.com, your go-to destination for mesmerizing aerial video and photography services in the Mid-Hudson area. Our team is dedicated to capturing breathtaking moments from above, and we can't wait to make your business or event shine!

With years of advertising and photography experience under our belts, we bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every project. Our state-of-the-art drones enable us to capture stunning visuals that will leave you in awe. We take pride in our ability to showcase the true beauty of your property, event, or any other subject you want to capture.

Here's a taste of what we offer:

🏠 Inspecting Gutters, Roofs, and Real Estate: Buying or selling a home? Let our high-quality aerial shots highlight its best features, giving potential buyers a stunning perspective.

🎉 Social Events: Make your special occasions even more memorable with our breathtaking aerial footage. From weddings to birthdays and everything in between, we'll create visuals that will leave a lasting impression.

📝 Insurance Claims/Disputes: When it comes to insurance claims, visual evidence is crucial. Our detailed visuals provide the documentation you need to support your case effectively.

🔍 Surveying and Land Documentation: Whether for personal or professional purposes, our aerial surveys offer valuable insights. Count on us to capture the information you require with precision.

👀 Respecting Privacy: We believe in respecting everyone's privacy. Rest assured, we won't be snooping on your neighbors. However, if you want captivating shots of your neighborhood or need to check up on your property, we're here to help.

Oh, and did we mention we have some incredible mulch and firewood production and delivery videos in the pipeline? Stay tuned for more amazing content coming your way!

To get started on your aerial adventure, reach out to us at 845.320.CORD (2673). Our team is eager to discuss your vision and bring it to life. Let us elevate your perspective and capture moments that will take your breath away.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of capturing the world from above. Together, we'll make your business or event soar to new heights! 🌌✨

HotAssDrones.com    Launch Date 8.30.2023

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