Our firewood is second to none.

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It starts from hand operated splitters to hand selected premium hard woods. The seasoning process begins a full year prior to the sale of seasoned fire wood. 

Other wood companies claim that their wood is seasoned, however unbenounced to the consumer wood seasoning only penitrates two feet. If you have a 30 ft pile of firewood 28 ft of that pile is unseasoned. Unless you are the lucky first few customers chances are you are going to be getting unseasoned wood. 

Here at HotAssWood.com we use a revolutionary process that required a substantial cash investment and a partnership with an Indian based manufacturer of specialty bags. These bags solve a multitude of problems associated with the firewood industry.

1. No more guessing how much wood was dumped in your driveway. These bags are 48x48x48 inches or bigger when filled and rounded it is 64 cubic feet (which equals to be a half a cord).

2. No more mess. Firewood is hand split, no conveyor belts, excavators, or buckets of wood scooped with dirt and rocks. We place every piece of wood in the bags by hand.

3. These bags are breathable and do not retain water because we have hundreds of half cord bags versus one or two gigantic mounds of wood knowing that wood seasoning only penetrates two feet. The bag is seasoned completely through. A better way to explain it is, imagine how long it would take for a 30lb meatloaf to cook, lets say 3 hours, versus a 3oz meatball, which cooks in 10 minutes.