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For 2017 we have FULLY SEASONED DRY firewood that is covered in our half cord SOLAR GREENHOUSE BAG. These bags act as a solar kiln for the firewood to season in. The bag takes the guess work out of how much wood you are getting and allows the wood to season in half the time. The bags are 4x4x4 equaling a total of 64 cubic feet. This wood is all processed by hand, starting from the chain saw, to the splitter, to the bag, leaving the mess behind at our yard.  Each bag weighs about 1700 to 2200 lbs. All the firewood is hard wood (NO PINE) with lengths between 11" to 20" and an average moisture content of 20%. If you are looking for firewood that is a consistent 16" in length please scroll down to our loose firewood that is cut and split using our new Bell 8000 firewood processor with a 16 way head.        

Don't Get "WET WOODED" by the other guys We Have FULLY SEASONED DRY COVERED FIREWOOD $135per 1/2 cord bag 

We Have Been Examined By The County Of Dutchess Dept Of Consumer Affairs Weights & Measures


Can Your FireWood Guy Say The SAME?

Premium Firewood Bundles
​Cut Out The Middle Man Buy Direct & SAVE

*We Are Approved To Accept H.E.A.P As Payment (Home Energy Assistance Program From New York State*

Firewood Sales & Delivery in Poughquag HotAssWood.com in Poughquag HotAssWood.com Firewood Sales & Delivery

The Big "D" Premium Fat Woods Kindling Sack, THE BEST FATWOOD OUT THERE
50lb onion sack filled with extremely dry fat wood. This is NOT crap that we picked up off the floor, this is hand split and processed fat woods to make the best possible kindling on the planet! $30 each or buy 4 get 1 FREE

Premium Hardwood Saw Shavings HORSE SAFE $75 per half cord open top bag
NO Cherry, NO black walnut, NO Petroleum’s. Could be used to smoke meats or bedding for live stock. A by product from our firewood processor with a carbide tipped blade. Shavings never hit the floor.

1 to 10 Bundles $5.99 each

11 to 30 Bundles $4.99 each

​31 Bundles Or More Just $3.99each <--Lowest Price in the State

​All Seasoned Hardwood Bundles Cut to 16" and split on a 16 way head for perfect size & max BTUs .75 cubic foot or larger!

We will load you using one of our heavy duty machinery for FREE IN POUGHQUAG NY
****We deliver within 10 miles of our POUGHQUAG location for
$50 per Small Truck (up to 1 cord) or $75 per Big Truck/Trailer (up to 3 cords)****

Call for further distance pricing

 Self delivery via uHaul or Home Depot rents trucks for $19.95

The Family Kindling Sack

The Family Sack is a 50 lbs onion sack bag filled with kindling. This hardwood kindling is at a lower price than our FATWOOD kindling, it is not as PURDY but it gets the job done.  $10 each or Buy 5 get 1 FREE

Our Chiminea product is ALL HARDWOOD pieces that are small and irregular specially formulated to fit in the small opening of a chimenea or small stove. This 50 lb onion sack filled bag is a Very sought after product!

$13 each

845-745-2338 Ask for BIG D

Serving Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester & Sherman CT  

1/2 Cord Firewood Open Top Bags

$109(Money Back Guarantee)
All Hard Woods Split with a 16 way head & cut to 16" on our Processor. Bags are filled with an excavator. We can load your Truck, Trailer for FREE or Deliver for a small fee. Our 2nd best seller

HotAssWood's Premium Bulk Firewood Loaded With An Excavator or Skidsteer
​All Hardwoods Cut to 16 inches & Split Using A 16 Way Head

​ We are the ONLY firewood company around with a machine that splits 16 ways ensuring the correct sized pieces for the highest BTU's and less chimney cleanings!
​The More You Buy The More You Save Cord Prices:
​1 Cord $199​​          2 Cords $189 per         3 Cords $179 per

CAMP Wood 

(good for outdoor firepits, chimenias and ODWB wood boilers)

The All-Nighter Sack is filled with extra and extra extra large split and cut to 16" in length hardwoods. This is for people who do not want to wake up at 2 o'clock in the morning to refill their stoves. this 50 lb onion sack bag is TRULY A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP. $10 each or buy 10 get 1 Free

Home Owner Grade Log Length Firewood

$99 per cord bring your chainsaw and cut down to length at our yard
Our firewood processor has the capability of processing 26.5" diameter logs, the small logs that are 6" & under really slows us down. These smaller logs are easy for you to cut, no splitting required.


These are Hard Woods that were the last piece of the log when fed into our firewood processor. They were either a tad bit too long or a tad bit too short either way you get the deal if there is any cutting that needs to be done on your end its minimal. This is an incredible value for those that want to cut and split their own wood for $129a cord hard to beat. Makes for great boiler wood. We can deliver for a FEE locally. call or text 845.745.2338 for availability not always in stock.


$149(Money Back Guarantee) Introductory SALE $119 LIMITED SUPPLY

NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTORY SALE This is our LARGEST bag to date. Filled with ALL HARD-Woods cut to 16" and Split on our Bell processor with a 16 way head. We estimate this bag to hold approximately 1.75 FACE CORDS